Neighborhoods, civic groups, non-profits, enthusiast groups and more are invited to march in the parade!

The Moorestown 4th of July Parade is an annual celebration of our nation’s history of independence and culture of freedom. The Parade is held annually in Moorestown, N.J., at noon on July 4.

The event is organized by the non-profit Moorestown 4th of July Committee, an all-volunteer 501(c)3, and completely supported by the residents and businesses of Moorestown. This parade is a celebration of local and national pride that is apolitical and non-partisan.

To apply for a slot in this year’s Parade line-up, please fill in the form below.¬†There is no fee to march in the Moorestown 4th of July Parade.


Photos in this gallery were taken by Allison Eckel and can be found with many more on our Flickr photostream:


Marching Contact

*Kids must comply with helmet laws and be supervised by a parent or guardian.