The Moorestown 4th of July Parade Committee's float in the 2013 parade.

The Moorestown 4th of July Parade Committee’s float in the 2013 parade.

The Moorestown 4th of July Parade is an annual celebration of our nation’s history of independence and culture of freedom. The Parade is held annually in Moorestown, N.J., at noon on July 4.

The event is organized by the non-profit Moorestown 4th of July Committee, comprised of volunteers, and completely supported by the residents and businesses of Moorestown.

Revitalized in 2011, the 4th of July Parade seeks to celebrate our local and national pride in an apolitical, non-partisan way. Neighborhoods, civic groups, non-profits, enthusiast groups and more will gather on July 4th at the corner of Chester and Central Avenues to parade their pride and patriotism for all to see.

But the 4th of July Parade means more to us than a one-day spectacle. The Committee has planned extra events to help deepen our appreciation for this holiday. In 2013, they held The Made in America Children’s Coloring Contest. The Freedom Lecture Series has succeeded in bringing Moorestown’s connection to our nation’s birthday to life through lectures and presentations. Follow the Learn page for updates about this year’s events. Plus, the Committee always looks for ways to engage the township’s kids through such events as poster and essay contests.

To request a place in this year’s parade, please sit tight: a new sign-up form is in the works!.

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See you on the Fourth!